European Council


Civil Engineers

ECCE Strategic Plan 2023 - 2030

Engineering a more sustainable society

Since the European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE) was founded in 1985, it has promoted the cooperation of European civil engineers as being of significant value not only to engineers but also for European society. Nearly forty years later, the role of the engineer in society is more important than ever. Society is undergoing profound change and facing unprecedented challenges, and the engineering profession will play a critical role in helping society meet these challenges.

ECCE's Strategic Plan 2023-2030 is our response to these challenges. It sets out how we will promote the dissemination of knowledge and research, engage with the broader society, and engage with and influence the profession and industry. Through the implementation of this Strategic Plan, we will play our part in engineering a more sustainable society for all Europeans.

Andreas Brandner
ECCE President


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