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Report from WCCE-TCCE-ECCE Joint Conference EARTHQUAKE & TSUNAMI 2009

22-24 June 2009 (Istanbul, Turkey)

Earthquake & Tsunami Conference organised by Natural Disasters Standing Committee of the World Council of Civil Engineers in collaboration with the European Council of CivilEngineers and Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers has been completed.
The Conference, where welcome addresses were delivered by the representatives of the three organising partners, was a success. Prof. Jose Medem, President of WCCE, Mr. RichardCoackley, Immediate Past President of ECCE and Mr. Serdar Harp, President of TCCE took the floor in the opening session.

Medem, WCCE            Coackley, ECCE            Harp, TCCE
Delivering their welcome addresses

The closing remarks were made by Dr. Emilio Colon, President Elect of WCCE, Prof. Theo Tassios, ECCE Representative in the International Advisory Board and Prof. Tugrul Tankut,TCCE Representative and Organising Committee Chair.

Colon, WCCE                Tassios, ECCE                Tankut, TCCE
Making their closing remarks

Twelve internationally renowned experts presented keynote papers reflecting their vast experience in the area of earthquake and tsunami disaster mitigation. Their valuable contributions were collected in a volume of keynote papers published by Springer which can be ordered from the following website:

Keynote speakers:
                           Ishihara, Japan                        Saatcioglu, Canada

Volume of Keynote Papers

Out of the 142 initial applications 118 papers were received and 76 of them were accepted for either oral or poster presentation. These papers reflecting the most interesting recent researchresults all over the world in the area of earthquake and tsunami disaster mitigation are collected in a CD annexed to the volume of abstracts consisting of the expanded abstracts ofall papers accepted to the conference. Both Volume of Keynote Papers and Volume of Abstracts were presented to the participants at the beginning of the conference uponregistration.

Out of various social activities, the gala dinner on board a Bosporus cruise boat proved to be the most enjoyable one. The tasteful Turkish food served together with good quality Turkish wine accompanied by nice light classical music performed by a young trio were crowned by the magnificent evening and night sceneries of Bosporus. Above all, the friendly atmosphere (probably helped by the wine) was remarkable.

On board the boat before dusk:

Getting started

Ice breaking stage

They played the music

They enjoyed it

The Earthquake & Tsunami Conference was followed by the WCCE General Assembly on 25-26 June 2006 which marked an emotional change of era; Prof. Medem handed over therelay race baton to Dr. Colon and became the Immediate Past President of WCCE with a very touching farewell speech.

Report by Prof. Tugrul Tankut (TCCE)

Report from the Conference, presented by prof. Tugrul Tankut at the 50th ECCE Meeting (Helsinki, October 16-17, 2009)

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