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Tribute video to Jose Medem Sanjuan 1927-2015

The World Council of Civil Engineers created and shared with us a tribute video to José Medem Sanjuan, Past President of the European Council of Civil Engineers ECCE, Past President of the European Federation of National Engineering Organizations FEANI, Past President of the World Federation of Engineering organizations WFEO, and Founding President of his last great project, the World Council of Civil Engineers, among the multiple professional organizations in which he was involved. 

It is expected that such video may be able to show José's character through the eyes of his colleagues. This video is also dedicated to our recently passed friend, colleague and Past ECCE President Vassilis Economopoulos.


Please make sure you turn on the english subtitles on youtube because the video is in Spanish language.


Tribute video to José Medem Sanjuan


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