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A.Δ.K. Consulting Engineers S.A.

A.Δ.K. S.A.

ECCE Associate member since October 2009.

ΑΔΚ ARONIS - DRETTAS - KARLAFTIS, Consulting Engineers, was established in January 1961 aiming at providing Consulting Engineering services covering all major related fields. ΑΔΚ is a leading multidisciplinary Consulting Engineering firm in Greece, with an established and extensive presence also abroad, having undertaken numerous large and complex projects in more than 50 countries worldwide. The firm was formed in 1961 and is managed by its senior partners Michael G. Aronis, Grigoris Ch. Drettas, George M. Karlaftis and Nikolaos CH. Drettas who constitute the firm's Board of Directors.

ΑΔΚ offers integrated Consulting Engineering services - design, supervision, project management and technical assistance - covering all fields of development and technical projects. The firm is registered with the Greek Register of Consulting Firms for 16 categories of projects, as well as with the registers of various Directorates of the European Commission (DG VIII - Dacon, DG IA - CCR Phare/Tacis, DG VII, etc.) and other international Organisations

ΑΔΚ implements in its operations a Total Quality Assurance System, completely fulfilling the requirements of EN ISO 9001. The Quality Assurance System of the company has been certified by the Hellenic Organisation for Standardisation (ELOT) and the International Quality Network (IQNet).

ΑΔΚ's premises are in the centre of Athens and occupy two neighbouring company-owned buildings of total surface of approximately 1800 m2. The two buildings are electronically interconnected and fully equipped to fulfil the latest technology requirements.

The company's permanent staff numbers about 150 persons, more than half of which are qualified experts of various disciplines. Coexistence and continuous co-operation of multidisciplinary scientific personnel constitutes an important advantage of ADK for the prompt and successful execution of the large and complex projects assigned to the firm

In this context the firm has been providing its clients with its expertise services in all aspects of the Consulting Engineering field, from the initial conception through all the detailed design stages and from the complete supervision of the construction to the final commissioning of a project.